What We’re Drinking – Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum

This is a truly unique rum, from production to flavor. Rums from Florida, Central America, and the Caribbean, some pot distilled and some column distilled, are solera aged through a series of different barrels. First they are aged in American Bourbon barrels. It goes next into a mix of Bourbon and Port barrels, then Port barrels. Finally, it is blended and finished in Spanish Sherry casks. Along the way, it picks up a unique collection of aromas and flavors.

Brown sugar, cardamom, and citrus peel leap out of the glass, with hints of roasted coffee in the background. Candied and dried citrus peel, cardamom, vanilla, and roasted coffee come out on the palate. The peel, spice, and coffee linger, along with a hint of salinity.

This is a tremendously complex spirit. It offers up so many different flavors it seems like something already mixed, a fine rum with a drop here and a dash there of different homemade bitters. Drink this neat with just a drop of water to release aromas. Highly Recommended. 93 points. DBH