A Dog, a Mountain Hike and Gin

Have you ever loved your dog so much you wanted to shout it out? Master Distiller Ben Green did just that when he created Mr. Pickles Gin, to honor his rescue pup. And Mr. Pickles has now become part of the team at the distinctive, independently-owned Wolf Spirit distillery in Oregon.

Hand painted flowers and a heroic portrait of a dog might not be what you’d expect from a self-labeled “heavy metal distillery”, but this blue glass bottle’s design is a fitting descriptor for what’s inside.

Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin is light and aromatic, easy to drink. While opening with a gin-typical juniper aroma, florals and light herbs quickly blossom around it – scents you might find on a mountain hike nearby. Maintaining woodland herbs on the palate, the gin is clean, lively and aromatic with tinges of sweetness, anise, even a hint of pepper. This is a spirit that can be sipped on its own, as well as used in cocktails.

Mr. Pickles Pacific Northwest Gin, Wolf Spirit, Eugene, Oregon, 86 proof, $34.99