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Il Dimenticato: Piedmont’s New White Star Has a Mysterious and Forgotten Past

A thick tome, 132 years old, has survived to tell the story of Piedmont's grape-growing past. That is, if you can decipher the flowery penmanship and wade through the anachronistic turns of phrase. There, in a section on grape varieties in the book called “Wine Production and Oenology in the Province of Cuneo, 1879”, lies both the question and, perhaps, the answer to one of the region's great mysteries.
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Freisa, Nebbiolo’s Light-Hearted Cousin

As I was waiting for the wonderfully nice lady to finish wrapping up our prosciutto di Parma, our salami in olive oil with actual slices of white truffle, a delicious rice salad, some amazing stuffed peppers, and other wonderful stuff, I wandered towards some shelves where bottles of local wine stood. Nebbiolos, Barberas and Dolcettos by some good producers I knew, and some I didn’t, and also, to my great pleasure, some Freisa.

Indigenous American Grape Varieties, A Primer

Can American Vitis species produce wines that compare with those made from vinifera on a global stage? If so, will the wine traditionalists ever accept them? While continued research and experimentation with these varieties will hopefully answer these questions, perhaps an educational introduction will get the ball rolling.