What We’re Drinking – Aloha Traveler Pineapple Shandy

The Traveler Beer Company, based in Burlington, Vermont, released their Pineapple Shandy in their “Springtime Traveler’s Variety Pack,” with Illusive Grapefruit and Curious Lemon Shandy. It is a wheat ale made with pineapple juice. The pour is cloudy gold, the nose more candied sweet lemon than pineapple. But the pineapple explodes on the palate, fresh, sweet, and bright. The wheat beer beneath it carries the fruit. The fruit is very sweet, missing the acidic bite from fresh pineapple, likely softened by the malt and hops. It’s a beer to drink on a hot steamy summer day, while standing outside over hot charcoal, with shrimp and chicken over the coals.  Recommended. 88 points. DBH

WHO: The Traveler Beer Company
WHAT: Wheat beer with pineapple
DESIGNATION: Pineapple Shandy
WHERE: Burlington, Vermont
HOW MUCH: $9.99 for a six pack (media sample)