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Memorable Sunsets and Cuisine at Elk Cove Inn

You Won’t Believe the Breakfast at Elk Cove Inn and Spa on the Mendo Coast ….delivered to your oceani view suite!

Sunsets are a nightly wonder at Elk Cove Inn.

In the tiny town of Elk, about 40 minutes west of Boonville on Route 128 and 30 minutes south of Mendocino on Route 1, is a strip of a few stores, including the charming Elk General Store. Past the town the road dips and, to the right, overlooking the Pacific Ocean is Elk Cove Inn. 

Between the greenhouse and gardens Elk Cove Inn and SIBO Restaurant sources mush of their food from the Inn’s grounds.

The Inn consists of a mansion (which rumor says is haunted by friendly spirits!) and several cottages perched on the bluff as well as some newer oversized suites with full oceanfront views. From any room, open a window and have the sounds of softly retreating waves lull you to sleep. 

Elk Cove Inn has direct access to a gorgeous drifewood and shell-filled beach.
Rabbit grown and harvested then beautifully prepared at SIBO Restaurant.

Elk Cove not only has the most panoramic views of this part of the Mendocino Coast but the restaurant SIBO, helmed by chef-owner Victor Passalacqua. Classically trained yet continuously curious, the combination means menus are creative and everything that can be sourced either from the farm on the Inn’s property, their livestock (try the fresh goat cheese) or the adjacent sea. In fact, Victor is a master in creating uni dishes from the elusive sea urchin which he harvests himself during low tide.

Tidepools at Elk Cove Inn are full of edible seaweeds, grasses and sea urchins.

Food and hospitality here are stellar, led by Victor’s partner and wife, Melissa Boon, who is not only a qualified sommelier but someone who makes everyone who enters the Inn never want to leave again.

Chef Victor Passalacqua creates dishes reflecting the local area, like this sea urchin (uni) souffle.

Each morning, start your day with a made-to-order breakfast that includes eggs fresh from the chickens you hear clucking in the background and a mimosa made with real Champagne, if it’s that kind of morning. Guests rave about the breakfast and with good reason. With a view and the freshest breakfast imaginable, the day starts well at Elk Cove Inn.


The Elk Cove Inn and Spa

6300 Shoreline Hwy

Elk, CA 95432