Gran Patrón Piedra extra añejo tequila 

The name comes from the tajona rock used to grind the blue agave cactuses to make this premium tequila – and discs of dark grey stone (piedra) are affixed to both the front of the luxurious display box and the top of the elegant bottle within. The term “extra añejo” means it has been aged in barrels for at least three years.

Neat, the spirit is more of a sipping spirit than a traditional tequila.  It’s reminiscent of bourbon in both color and scents; it is a clear, medium-dark amber color, with aromas of vanilla and caramel along with some earthy sweetgrass. This is a dryer spirit though, and sweetness in the finish comes out only when chilled.  But it has the familiar tequila heat in the mouth and throat.

It mixes well with citrus, especially lime. More lime, less sugar gives a good balance to a drink.

WHO: Patrón
WHAT: 100% Weber blue agave
WHERE: Jalisco, Mexico
HOW MUCH: $400 (media sample)