What We’re Drinking: 2016 J. Bouchon Pais Salvaje

In case you haven’t noticed, I am irresistibly drawn to any chance to taste what our ancestors were drinking, whether it’s decades ago or centuries ago. In this case, it’s a few centuries. These now-wild Pais grapes came from Spain to the Canary Islands, through Mexico and then to on to Chile and Argentina. The grapes used in this wine grow up trees and drape themselves over the foliage in the Maule region of Chile. So harvesters must stand on ladders or climb through thickets in order to pick the grapes. The wine is made with no oak. It’s reminiscent of a “nouveau” style wine: medium-light body with piquant berry flavors, not sophisticated but easy to drink with a casual dinner, anything from pizza to chicken. RECOMMENDED as an experience. BSE

WHO: J. Bouchon
WHAT: 100% Pais Salvaje
WHERE: Mingre, Maule Valley, Chile
HOW MUCH: $20 (media sample)