Three wine and spirits gadgets that are guaranteed to be treasured – by someone

Tempour ($49.99)Tempour

What: A long, cylindrical wand that fits inside a wine bottle, with pour spout on top.

For: The person who thinks ice buckets are too snooty or too bulky or something.

How to use: Put the long, detachable “chiller” section of the Tempour in the freezer for a few hours while your wine is cooling in the refrigerator. Before serving, put the Tempour back together and insert it into your just-opened, perfectly chilled bottle of wine, making sure the top is securely sealed.  Dispense the wine through this gadget, and then use the handy stopper to close the wine in between pourings.

Result: Bottle of wine stays chilled throughout the meal, sitting out on the table.

Downside: After washing out the chiller you must make sure it’s completely dry before you refreeze it or you’ll have an ice-dammed gadget that won’t work.

Chillball trayopen on whitebgChillBall ($19.99)

What: Box of clear plastic (ice-replacement) balls.

For: The person who will only drink their wine chilled – rosé, white or red.

How to use: Place these clear plastic spheres in their little Lucite box in the freezer for several hours.  When ready, open the box and carefully maneuver the attached clips to release the chillball into your wineglass.

Result: A glass of wine that remains chilled but not diluted.

Downside: Made of delicate plastic.  If it falls out of the freezer it could end up on the floor in pieces, so make sure you have someone around who likes puzzles, to reassemble the whole kit (not that this ever happened to me).

Vaportini ($45)

What: Glass sphere with straw to be placed on top of heating candle in large glass.

For: The person who wants to (A) be The Life of the Party or (B) Re-live a Misspent Youth.

How to use: Yes, you get to inhale your liquor.  Put an ounce or so into the cool glass sphere, heat for five minutes, and use the straw to inhale.  In case it’s been a while, remember to hold your breath.  Pass it around – a few times.  Get it?

Result: Vaping at home — fun for all.

Downside: If you can’t see a downside, don’t worry about it.