What We’re Drinking – 2015 Hillersden “Legacy” Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

This is a new import into the US, from New Zealand. If It wasn’t proudly proclaimed on the label, I would not have guessed this wine was made with sauvignon blanc. It’s produced in the Upper Wairu Valley of Marlborough, which is known for its Sauvignon Blanc. I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me because, no matter what they grow, so many winemakers find it irresistible to make a sparkling version of their wines – which is fun to ask about when you visit wineries, by the way. With this wine, the color does provide a clue: a pure green-gold-tan, easily visible in its clear glass bottle. In the bottle, I found a medium mousse and a gentler fizz — seemingly slightly lower in atmospheres than Champagne, which is fine. In the glass I found very light yeast and floral aromas. The wine is slightly fruity with an underlying trace of chalkiness and acidity.  All in all, a pleasant, mild sparkling aperitif, a surprise to me, for this grape.


WHO:  Hillersden Wine
WHAT: Sauvignon Blanc
WHERE: Marlborough, New Zealand
HOW MUCH: $23.99 (available online; media sample)