What We’re Drinking – Meierer Riesling

Pair this succulent sixteen dollar gem with peppery fried chicken, and it’s a picnic any time of year.  The nose shows baked apple, honey, and a touch of ginger. It is sweet, but not cloying, on the palate, with 9% alcohol and 47 grams of residual sugar. That attack starts sweet, apples and pears baked in pastry crust and drizzled with honey. Mid-palate the acids start to show against the sweet, with flavors evolving from key lim e pie to key lime juice. That same ginger snap flavor runs under everything. The finish is quit long, lingering long after each sip. Drink with peppery southern fried chicken.  Highly Recommended.  90 points. DBH.

WHO: Matthias Meierer
WHAT: Riesling
WHERE: Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer
WHEN: 2011
HOW MUCH: $16 (media sample)