Amy Corron Power

Amy Corron PowerAmy Corron Power is co-author and photographer for oft acerbic, sometimes controversial, but always engaging Another Wine Blog.

A licensed attorney practicing in the field of e-Discovery, Amy earned an MBA in International Business from the University of Houston and studied at Chiba University, Japan. Amy is also an avid sports fan and has covered college football and basketball for a number of sports publications including

She is a Contributing Editor at Palate Press: The online wine magazine, as well as one of the authors featured in Palate Press’s first book, Best of the Press Volume I.  She regularly serves on the tasting panel for TasteLive: The Premier Website for Wine and Beer Tastings.

Amy currently resides in Houston, Texas with husband Joe Power and is member of the Society of Wine Educators. A self-avowed political junkie, she occasionally writes for the nationally syndicated blog, MOMocrats