2015 Nals Magreid Kerner, a wine for a warm summer evening

For relaxing with friends on a warm summer evening, this wine turns out to be a great choice. It comes from the far northern region of Italy called Alto Adige – an area so close to Austria that it is also known by its German name, Sudtirol. The wine is made with kerner, an appealing white grape that is common in this region, but little known in the US.

This strikes me as a particularly good time to drink this well-made vintage 2015 kerner wine  — and some of the older vintages of this kerner can also be found in wine shops or online now. The wine’s aromas are minerally and yeasty and woody, reminiscent of walking through a wonderful, historic wine cellar carved out of rock, deep in the earth. There’s fruit, too, in the aroma and on the palate: fresh lime, grapefruit, pineapple, but in measured tinges, not overwhelming. The wine has good balance and works well both on its own and paired with dinner. Serve with summer foods such as chicken salad or lightly-dressed pasta salad.

Well recommended: 90 points —  Becky Sue Epstein

WHO: Kellerei Nals Margreid

WHAT: 100% Kerner

WHERE: Alto Adige/ Sudtirol, Italy

HOW MUCH: $18-20 (media sample)