2010 Fulkerson Riesling-Traminette

Not a wine that accurately represents the strengths of New York or the Finger Lakes. Clear, medium-low intensity straw yellow. Medium intensity aromas of orange, pungent white florals, over ripened melon, musk, and fragrance often associated with wheat beer. Dry on the palate, with extremely low acidity. Medium flavors of artificial citrus, stone fruit pit, and that same wheat beer taste. No finish. This wine may have benefited from a little residual sugar to add character, though the lack of acidity and absence varietal characteristics make it uninteresting. Not recommended. RR

WHO: Fulkerson
WHAT: Riesling (55%), Traminette (45%)
WHERE: Finger Lakes, New York
WHEN: 2010
HOW MUCH: $12.59 (Media sample)