2019 The Vice Saint Laurent, “Majorelle”, Napa Valley, Single Vineyard

I was surprised to find the St. Laurent grape grown in the Napa Valley, since I usually encounter it only in Austria. In fact this wine is made from the grapes of one single vineyard in Napa. 

The wine has heady, sharp, boysenberry aromas and a bright flavor, light and fruity. Somehow it manages to be both airy and rustic at the same time. Its flavors seem to deepen with food, especially earthy foods and autumnal vegetables. 

According to The Vice Wines co-founder Malek Amrani, “It pairs particularly well with light meats, acidic sauces, mushrooms, and herbs. Anything herb driven does extremely well with St. Laurent. You might also want to accompany it with pizza, pasta dishes, charcuterie – and anything you enjoy pairing with Pinot Noir will likely do well with St. Laurent.” Lightly chilling the wine is recommended.

Though the official name of the grape is St. Laurent, Amrani has made his wine into a play on words, honoring fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent’s connection with Amrani’s home country of Morocco. Amrani has named this wine after “Majorelle,” the wondrous botanical garden crafted by Yves Saint Laurent at his Marrakech residence. Aside: definitely go visit the original Marrakesh Majorelle when the world opens up again; I’ll never forget the morning I spent wandering through this fantastical garden estate.

Hint: If you’d like to sample this wine, try to get your hands on it soon; my bottle was labeled #448 of 600 bottles in this vintage. 

WHO: The Vice Wines

WHAT: 100% St. Laurent

WHERE: Napa Valley, California