2014 Fattoria Paradiso Vigna Delle Lepri, Sangiovese Riserva Bertinoro, Romagna DOC

Fattoria Paradiso sits in Emilia-Romagna,  a region of Italy that is just east of Tuscany, so it is not surprising that many of their great wines are made with the same grape as Chianti, Montepulciano and Brunello: sangiovese. In this case, the wine is made with sangiovese grosso, the traditional name for the grapes of Brunello di Montalcino — a wine that has lovely aromatics and elegant fruit when young, and holds its fruit and balance over decades of aging. In fact, notable wine has been made in this region for many centuries and today the winery is supported by the European fund for rural development.

This Sangiovese is made with grapes grown in the winery’s Vigna delle Lepri vineyard, named after the rabbits that have always frolicked there. It also has a historic pedigree: Fattoria Paradiso was the first winery in Romagna to produce “Sangiovese Riserva,” back in 1970. 

At eight years of age, this 2014 vintage is a lovely light red wine, with hints of red fruit – well ripened fruit that is – along with well-integrated tannins and acidity flowing throughout. It has a medium finish, lifted, with elements of ripe fruit as well as acidity and tannins floating through.

WHO: Fattoria Paradiso

WHAT: sangiovese grosso

WHERE: Bertinoro, Romagna [Emilia-Romagna] Italy

HOW MUCH: $18