2011 Masut Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir

Bright enough to cut through thick gravy, deep enough to carry red meat, this is a wonderful wine for red meats with rich broths. The nose has aromas of cherries and birch beer, with sage and a touch of white pepper in the background. Fruits are richer on the palate, deep bing cherries, raspberries, and a touch of cranberry, with a background of spice and cola. On the mid-palate, mocha shines through the fruit. Spice, red fruit, and a touch of mocha linger on a long finish. This would be delicious with lamb stew.*  Highly Recommended (92). DH

WHO: Masut
WHAT: Pinot Noir
DESIGNATION: Estate Vineyard
WHERE:  California, Mendocino County
WHEN: 2011

*For a terrific lamb stew recipe, go to Webicurean  for Grandma Papina’s Lamb Stew.

Feature image courtesy of Webicurean.com.