2010 Schloss Schönborn Erbacher Marcobrunn Riesling Kabinett

The nose is very pretty, fresh squeezed apple with orange blossoms floating atop and a copper penny sinking to the bottom. The palate opens with a great mouth feel, smooth and soft. Apples and pears lead the palate with white flowers and a hint of ginger snap in the background. The mid-palate moves toward sweet citrus, lemon chiffon and Key lime pie. The finish lingers with flavors of lemon peel and fresh apple. This clearly has a few percent residual sugar, but mild sweetness is well balanced with bright citrus acidity. This is a complex, food-friendly, fun bottle of wine. Drink it with fried pork tenderloin in the Midwest or wiener schnitzel where you can get it. Highly Recommended (91) DH


WHO: Schloss Schonborn
WHAT: Riesling
VINEYARD: Erbacher Marcobrunn
WHERE: Germany
WHEN: 2010
PRICE: $20