Tenuta Degli Dei “Le Redini”

Suppose you’re in a small town in Tuscany and you go to the local neighborhood restaurant and order dinner – beef with canellini beans, say – and you get a carafe of the house red wine: that’s what this wine is like. Relaxing, made nicely, with plenty of time to age, and lovely with dinner. Do I want to analyze this wine? No. Do I want to drink this wine? Yes.

In case you’re wondering, it’s a merlot-based wine, IGT Toscana, and costs a reasonable amount in a wine shop, under $20. Buttery black raspberry, acidity and tannins balance out the flavors, with no particular type of fruit dominating. Recommended for weeknight dinner with something comforting like pot roast. RECOMMENDED — BSE

WHO: Cavalli Tenuta Degli Dei
WHAT: 90% merlot, 10% alicante
WHERE: Tuscany, Italy
HOW MUCH: $19 (media sample)