2012 Castello di Nipozzano Montesodi

A textbook example of a mature sangiovese wine, something we rarely have on our tables at home in the US. In the aroma, faded berry fruit is accompanied by leather and then wood. On the palate, it’s very apparent the wine is in the mature phase with secondary fruit characteristics about to overtake the dark berry flavors in the wine. It’s very fresh, though, with appley acidity. The finish is long, showing the wine’s high alcohol (14.5%) and sturdy tannins, yet a retronasal whiff of florals brings a remembrance of youth.  In fact several older vintages are currently available in this country, for only a few dollars more; this wine is made to age – more than the year or two we are used to, for table wines. Drink with hearty meals, like stews or even chili. 90 RECOMMENDED — BSE

WHO: Marchesi di Frescobaldi
WHAT: Sangiovese
WHERE: Tuscany, Italy
HOW MUCH: $39 (media sample)