Napa Sonoma Fires

Dear Friends in Napa and Sonoma,

We’re all incredibly distraught and concerned about you. The loss of life is tragic, and we can hardly imagine the anxiety of those trying desperately to contact loved ones. Destruction to homes, wineries, and vineyards is ongoing.

Here are Palate Press, we’re working on stories about the fire, but writing stories must take second place to helping friends and neighbors.

In the meantime, please feel free to use this space to search for friends, to ask for help, to offer help, and to share what’s happening on the ground.

Once we all get a handle on needs, we will put together an auction fundraiser like we did after the earthquake in Haiti. When that happened, the wine world pulled together and raised more than $40,000 to aid in the relief effort. We have no doubt that wine lovers around the world will be equally generous in helping their own.

Look for a fundraiser here, and in the meantime, please use the comments for any fire-related needs. We will try to promote some of them into the story box as the days go by.

Stay safe and help each other.

David Honig
Palate Press