Seventh Annual Palate Press Grand Tasting

The Grand Tasting is a unique consumer-driven event held in the intimacy of the home of Palate Press’ publisher, David Honig. We have anywhere from 150-200 wine lovers in a very casual atmosphere. They can pick whatever they want to try from about 250 blind-bagged wines, marked only by varietal or blend, e.g. “Bordeaux Blend” or “Riesling.”

It’s interesting to see what happens. As people find wines they like, they point them out to others. Soon, some bottles are empty, while others stay half-full.

We watch throughout the evening, paying attention to buzz and what gets emptied.

We then have a professional panel review the wines best-loved by the consumers, to give stars and award “Palate Press Wine of the Year,” Best Red, Best White, Best Dessert, etc., as well as to award Gold Medals.

We’ve been doing this for seven years now. We’ve had wines from around the world. Last year a Napa Cabernet was Wine of the Year, and two years ago it was an Austrian Gruner Eiswein(I know – that surprised us, too).

We also reveal all the wines to the guests, which is important, because a lot of them ask throughout the evening questions like, “What is number 87, and where can I get a case.”

We try to keep the submission price low, really just enough to cover catering, because it is our belief that wines are best tasted with friends and food, not in an austere and controlled “tasting” environment.

We hope you will consider participating.

The price to enter wine is very low, really just enough to cover catering and judging costs, not to make a profit. Two bottles of each label submitted should be provided, allowing one for the blind tasting and another for the judges. Pricing is:

$25 First Label
$20 Second Label
$15 All Additional Labels

The Seventh Annual Palate Press Grand Tasting will be limited to the first 200 entries. To enter the competition, please fill out the form below. Please send wines early in the Fall, as soon as temperatures have dropped into the safe-shipping zone. We want to give the wines time to rest before the competition.


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