2010 Viña Indómita Cabernet Sauvignon Zardoz

Hugely dark, no light can penetrate the wine’s depths. Blackcurrants, vanilla, and black pepper show on the nose. A hint of green pepper shows for the briefest moment on the attack, giving hints of the South American origins, but disappears immediately. Blackcurrant and black pepper are joined on the mid-palate by mocha, with a hint of nutmeg. Tannins are powerful and a bit rough though they give every indication they will settle over time. The mid-length finish tapers to a tannic memory.  This is a big, bold, tannic wine that could easily spend another 6-8 years in the cellar before being fully tamed. Drink it now if you prefer bare-back, but give it time if you are the comfy-saddle type of drinker. Recommended (89). DH

WHO: Viña Indómita
WHAT: Cabernet Sauvignon
WHERE: Chile, Maipo Valley
WHEN: 2010