Wine for Haiti Lot 82 – The opportunity of a lifetime

Lot 82 – Summerfield Wines Indulgence 2001 (6 b0ttles) and Smidge Wines Limited “S” Shiraz, 2006

This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and it won’t come cheap. The Indulgence is a wine Summerfield does not release commercially, and is not available in the United States. It is available on our sister Wine for Haiti auction site in Australia, and the auction closes in two days.

The second wine, to round out the case, is Smidge Wine Limited “S” Shiraz, 2006. This, too, is a wine you can not get in the US.

Bid on each of them individually, or peruse the entire Aussie Wine for Haiti Catalogue.

PLEASE NOTE- Shipping cited on the auction site is for Australia only. US bidders add $260.00 for shipping to the United States, plus whatever excise  and other taxes apply.  This is the shipping price for any case of wine from the Australian site.

NOTE- DO NOT BID HERE. THIS AUCTION IS BEING HELD ON OUR SISTER SITE IN AUSTRALIA. But if you do bid, could you note it in the comments here? We are trying to see if this cross-platform referral will help move the Aussie wines. Thank you.