Target is the place for Holiday Greeting Cards Paired with…WINE!

Let’s face it, a weekly trip to Target is usually one of those routine things we all do to satisfy our basic shopping needs… pick up some toilet paper, cereal, food for the dog, milk, etc… the basics.  Of course, on “special occasions” you might head to Target to pick up a TV, a new small appliance for the kitchen, or clothing.  My point is that Target shopping is usually pretty routine and uneventful.  But that all changed for me this week!

I was looking for some holiday cards this week and wasn’t finding anything that tickled my fancy.  Is it just me or have you also noticed that the cost of greeting cards has skyrocketed over the years?  $4.99-$8.99 price points seem common these days for a simple card and envelope?! Geez!

Anyway, on my way to the Target checkout to ring up my basic necessities, a display caught my attention.  Target now offers a series of wine greeting cards.  Can you say, “You had me at hello?”  

I’m guessing this is a new item because I’ve never seen anything like it before.  For just $9.99 you get a card with a small 187ml bottle of wine inside.  The display had cards for Christmas, Hannukkah and New Years.  I wonder if Target plans on adding more cards to the series… like for birthdays or “get well” cards?  

Such a great concept. Totally fun. Really Unique.  And if I have a choice of paying $4.99 for a piece of paper or $9.99 for a card with a bottle of wine in it?  Bottoms up, baby. You know what I’m choosing!

I’m not sure if this is just a seasonal item or a new thing but watch out for them at your local Target.