At the end of a hot summer day, you might be wandering along the riverside in the town of Cognac, France, waiting for a wonderful evening event to begin – maybe the jazz festival or the film noir festival. You’ll be handed your first Cognac Long Drink, to rehydrate: in a tall glass, a small pour of very good cognac topped with ice cubes and chilled tonic, a perfect, gentle blend of ingredients.

When you get your Long Drink with Remy Martin VSOP, you’ll inhale an aroma of salted caramel with a hint of woodsmoke. On the palate, earthy tones mesh with caramel, which both persist in the long finish. There’s a streak of fruitiness running through that starts out as ripe stone fruit and finishes in the tropical zone. When lightly chilled, more butterscotch appears in this cognac, throughout the palate and the finish, along with some vanilla.

SUSTAINABILITY: Since 2003, multiple programs in a commitment to the health of workers and vineyards

WHO: Remy Martin

WHAT: Fine Champagne Cognac

WHERE: Cognac, France

HOW MUCH: $45 (media sample)