Rare Stash Bourbon #1 By Dustin Poirier

It’s a little known fact that if you are so inclined, and you have the right connections in whiskey country, and you just happen to be a UFC legend named Dustin Poirier, you might be allowed to taste through some barrels and bottle your own whiskey.  Rare Stash is the culmination of just that hunt and Dustin has delivered an exceptionally fine hand-crafted, 15-year-old stunner for his first offering. Rare Stash Bourbon #1 is a blend of straight whiskies sourced and selected in North Carolina as a limited series. Each Rare Stash bottling will offer a small batch whiskey, sourced and selected from distilleries throughout the US. Rare Stash Bourbon #1 will be gone in a flash so get it while you can.

Rare Stash Bourbon

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