Palate Press Wants Your Stories

Palate Press: The online wine magazine was started with a single goal, “professionalizing wine writing one story at a time.” Since we launched we have paid writers, regular columnists, Contributing Editors, bloggers, and more, for our Feature Stories, always focusing on publishing the best available content, no matter who wrote it. Beginning June 1, 2011 we announced an increase in our Feature Story fee. Not only that, we started paying for most of our short stories as well.

We are looking for well-written original content. Stories can be about wine, vineyards, wine regions, travel, wine and food, and more. Our basic concept is simple-if you love wine and you want to write it, we want to read it.

We have also simplified the story submission process by adding a form to help you send us your suggested title, lead, and a sentence or two of explanation. Just go to the “Submit a Story” link under the masthead and click.

We are now paying $150 for every Feature Story. Feature Stories should run 1,000 to 1,200 words and show significant professionalism and originality, as well as covering a topic of great interest to our readers.

We also publish two to three short stories every week. Starting in June, we will pay $25 for most of our short stories. Shorts should run approximately 500 words. They should also show well-honed writing skills, as well as covering topics of interest to our readers. Suggested topics include interesting varietals, wine regions, travel, wine and food pairing, restaurant reviews including coverage of the wine list, industry bios, and more.

With every story we publish we include a short bio of the writer and a link to their website.

Writing for Palate Press: The online wine magazine creates the opportunity to be seen by a world-wide readership. It also creates the opportunity to earn a stream of income from your writing. Not only will you be paid for your story, but it will also be included in Palate Press’ upcoming wine syndication. Stories we publish become our property and are subject to editing by our Editorial Board, but if a syndication client chooses your story for publication you will earn 75% of the syndication fee every time. It is all part of our goal to create new venues for wine writers to get paid for quality content.

Palate Press: The online wine magazine, professionalizing wine writing one story at a time.