Palate Press nominated as Best Wine Blog

The nominees for the Wine Blog Awards were announced today, and Palate Press was nominated as Best Overall Wine Blog. You can vote for us HERE.

Congratulations are due to Palate Press Editors and Contributors, and members of The Palate Press Advertising Network. We dominated the nominations, with at least one site in every category, including some of our toughest competition for the Overall award.

The Palate Press and Palate Press Advertising Network nominees are:

Best Overall Wine Blog

Best Wine Blog Graphics, Photography, & Presentation

Best Industry/Business Wine Blog

Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog

Best Single Subject Wine Blog

Best Winery Blog

Best Writing On a Wine Blog

Best New Wine Blog

These nominations are a credit to all the wonderful people working to make Palate Press: The online wine magazine the best wine publication anywhere. We congratulate all of you and thank you for the tremendous work you do on behalf of the magazine and for the most important people of all, our readers.

David Honig
Palate Press: The online wine magazine