NewAir keeps it cool

NewAir 27 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler*($320)

What: A 27 Bottle Wine Coolernewair

For: The budding wine collector ready to upgrade to a bigger storage system without a huge impact to space, style or wallet.

Use: From all technical aspects, this cooler is a definitely a sufficient product for the smaller at-home collector. Set up is minimal, controls are intuitive, and it maintains a very consistent temperature based on your preference. I typically maintain a cooler temp for my white and sparkling wines and find them perfect for serving immediately. For someone in an apartment situation or with insufficient storage you can raise the temperature and keep your red wines here at an appropriate “cellar temperature.”

Regarding style this cooler is clean and streamlined. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and with black panels and chrome accents it even looks good enough to display in your living or dining area. The materials are also lightweight, making it very easy to move when empty.

Result: At a price point of $300-400, this cooler isn’t a budget wrecker for anyone that needs temperature controlled storage without taking up a lot of space.

Downside: As mentioned, sparkling wine or Burgundy-style bottles are a bit too big for the primary rack space. So if you like to keep a lot of bubbles on hand you may need to remove a shelf in order to make more room for these bulkier bottles. That said, if you’ve only got a few in rotation, they’ll fit just fine on the bottom shelf or the small rack at the base of the cooler.

* Product was received as a sample.