How to Maximize Tequila Day From Dawn to Dusk

For those in search of ways to awaken your appreciation of the distilled liquor, here are three stories of how travelers can experience a refreshed understanding for the beverage and its namesake city, all at the crack of dawn.


Tequila is Mexico’s national drink – and that’s not just in the afternoon. Since the early years of the beverage, Jalisco’s agricultural workers and laborers have used it to wake up in the morning and spice up their days by enjoying a pajarete. The drink is made from fresh milk, chocolate, sugar, and alcohol, and can only be enjoyed freshly milked from the cow or goat, and on a farm equipped to serve the traditional drink. Perhaps one of the least known and hidden traditions, the experience can be safely enjoyed when using quality high-octane alcohol, such as tequila. Today, it’s an activity which both families enjoy to share years-old traditions, as well as something late-night party revelers do to top off a long night of festivities.

Many types of tequila


The Jose Cuervo Express—known as the Tequila Train—which makes two trips every Saturday between Guadalajara and Tequila starts serving up history as soon as guests arrive aboard, as well as actual tequila cocktails as early as 9am. While not the Tequila Sunrise of yesteryear, these early morning beverages are light and refreshing, made with freshly squeezed citrus juices and bubbly sparkling water.  Over the two-hour journey, guests can enjoy unlimited drinks – but most will be content exploring the specially crafted cocktails, a three-glass educational tasting guided by a Tequila Expert with our Reserva de la Familia® tequila: Platinum, Reposado and Extra Añejo, as well as cocktails from the Premium Bar on board the train featuring Tequila Maestro Tequilero®, Centenario®, 1800®, Reserva de la Familia®, Rum, Vodka and Whiskey. And yes! Everything is accompanied by delicious botanas, snacks and savory bites.


Chef Eduardo Marín knows well what tastes tantalize guests at any hour of the day, but if you’re lucky enough to enjoy his morning chilaquiles – with their rich, crispy, smokey and creamy goodness – then you’ve found the most excellent way to start your day. A traditional Mexican dish dating back centuries to the early Aztecs, chilaquiles is made with corn tortillas mixed with red salsa topped with shredded or pulled meat, eggs, cheese, and onions. While the ingredients may seem simple, there’s a world of aged ground chile flavor and years of experience preparing this apparently simple dish packed into each bite. And yes! Chilaquiles can best be enjoyed with a delightfully refreshing tequila paloma, made with pink grapefruit and lime juice, to balance out the morning flavor fest.


LOCATION: Tequila, Jalisco, MEXICO


PRICES: Hotel Solar de las Animas offers Double Room from $195 / night; Superior Double from $220 / night; Jose Cuervo Express train from $150.

All Aboard the Tequila Train!