Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you from the entire Palate Press family. I would like to say “thank you” to all of our readers, and particularly our subscribers, for making 2009 such a successful launch year for Palate Press: The online wine magazine. We are incredibly excited about 2010, our first full year in publication.

In just a few months Palate Press: The online wine magazine has become one of the most successful wine sites on line. We are consistently one of the top ten sites as measured by PostRank. We are not resting on our laurels, though. Success will come from you, our readers. It will also come from the hundreds of wine writers around the world who have submitted stories to Palate Press: The online wine magazine, and to thousands more we hope to hear from in 2010.

This past year also saw the creation of The Palate Press Advertising Network, which went from barely an idea to the largest wine-dedicating advertising network in the world in just one month. That success will continue to grow as web publishers recognize partnership with Palate Press: The online wine magazine as the best way to turn their love for wine into economic opportunity, and advertisers realize the best and most economical way to reach wine lovers is through The Palate Press Advertising Network.

Our primary focus has always been, and will always be, providing you, our reader, with the very best quality on-line wine content anywhere in the world. If we are meeting our goal, I hope you will tell your friends about us. If we are not, I hope you will tell me how we can do better.

Happy New Year to you. May 2010 be a healthy, happy new year, and my special wish for each of you is that in 2010 you have one bottle, one glass, even just one sip of the best wine you ever tasted.

I raise my glass to each of you and say, “to your health and happiness.”

David Honig
PALATE PRESS: The Online Wine Magazine
The Palate Press Advertising Network

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