Champagne G. H. Mumm Cordon Rouge

This is a Champagne for New Year’s Eve.  Pair it with caviar or with dinner. A reserved, pale gold-tan color in the glass belies this champagne’s prominent multi-fruit components. Raspberry and strawberry dominate in the aroma and on the palate at first, then orange and orange peel emerge on the end-palate and in the long finish.  Plenty of acidity assures this wine will pair well with dinner, not just as an aperitif.  A hint of lemon at the very end.

Recommended with dinner, or for drinks.

WHO: Champagne G. H. Mumm
WHAT: mainly Chardonnay and Pinot Noir (25-30% reserve wines)
WHERE: Champagne, France
WHEN: non-vintage
HOW MUCH: $43 (media sample)