Announcing Palate Press for iPad Newsstand

We are very excited to announce our newest version of Palate Press, Palate Press: the eMagazine, an Apple Newsstand app for the iPad. With Palate Press: the eMagazine you get a whole month of Palate Press stories in Newsstand’s great new magazine reader. Every edition of Palate Press: the eMagazine will also include additional original content not found in Palate Press: The online wine magazine. In January’s edition, watch part 1 of Tom Mansell’s Wine Science, a funny, educational video about wine, the source of flavors and aromas, a discussion of flaws (and even hints on how to make some flawed wines better), and more. All available for $0.99 per edition, with discounts for six month and twelve month subscriptions. Subscribe now, and every new edition of Palate Press: the eMagazine will download automatically to your iPad. Coming soon to Android, Kindle, and iPhones.