2014 Chateau du Seuil, AOC Cerons

2014 Chateau du Seuil, AOC Cerons

A golden-tan wine that’s perfect with seasonal desserts. It has the bright apricot nose of a classic Sauternes or Barsac – being located adjacent to these ultra high-end dessert wine regions. In keeping with the strong sustainability movement in Bordeaux, this wine is made at an organically-certified Chateau.

On the palate, the wine’s fruitiness, sweetness and acidity are very well balanced, and the it displays notes of tangerine zest and tropical fruit, resolving into pink grapefruit. Lively acidity gives it a long, lip-smacking finish. And once the bottle is opened, the wine keeps for weeks in the fridge, offering the ongoing treat of a small glass after dinner for many days.

Drink with winter desserts – especially those with nuts, toffee, dried fruits or seasonal fruits.

Highly recommended: 91 — BSE

WHO: Chateau du Seuil

WHAT: 100% semillon

WHERE: Cerons, Bordeaux, France

HOW MUCH: around $15-18 for 500 ml (media sample)

[Note: if you can’t get this vintage in your local shop, it’s worth trying another vintage; this wine is only made in years when conditions are perfect.]