2012 Gruner Veltliner “Grooner”

Though it may be hard to imagine, the original, refreshingly light white wine spritzer was made in Austria, a mix of Gruner Veltilner wine and sparkling mineral water. It was enjoyed at summertime family dinners on outdoor patios and home and at taverns.  In this particular “Grooner” wine, faint meadow grass herbals on the nose become more prominent on the palate.  The wine may tingle on the tongue at first.  There’s a touch of chalk which underlines an almost watery first impression but the wine soon opens up, and the palate and finish expand.  Good with gorgonzola and vegetables, even difficult ones like broccoli.  In a spritzer, it is traditionally served with platters of cold meats and cheeses.  Recommended (88). BSE

WHO: Monika Caha Selections
WHAT: Gruner Veltliner
WHERE:  Niederosterreich, Austria
WHEN: 2012
HOW MUCH: $11 (media sample)