2 Unexpected Pizza Wines

While we’ve heard that pizza is universal, we didn’t realize they were making wines to pair with it in places like…Moldova. And if you haven’t checked out this country’s wine website, just google “Moldova: Who Knew” and you’ll find yourself racing cars through underground wine vaults, singing sweetly with Norwegians, and other unexpected activities..

2014 Rara Neagra de Purcari

This wine begins with bright dark tones, like black roses. Then leather is added, rich and fruity as it opens. The leather aroma somehow morphs to sweet fruit on the tongue, with both fresh and cooked fruit notes. Moderate acidity and integrated tannins, apparent in the finish. Best pizza pairing: Mediterranean style, sprinkled with herbs, eggplant and other grilled, diced vegetables.

WHO: Chateau Purcari
WHERE: Purcari, Republic of Moldova
WHAT: 100% rara neagra
HOW MUCH: $15 (media sample)

2015 Rosé de Purcari

This wine is not too delicate, it’s more like a light red wine. In fact it is light red in color. It is spritzy and fruity on the palate: dark red fruit flavors predominate here. Good acidity throughout leads to a lemony finish. Best pizza pairing: Greek style, with feta cheese on top.

WHO: Chateau Purcari
WHERE: Purcari, Republic of Moldova
WHAT: 60% cabernet sauvignon, 30% merlot, 10% rara neagra
HOW MUCH: $17 (media sample)