Russ Beebe

Russ Beebe is the Wine Life Editor at PALATE PRESS: The Online Wine Magazine.

For most of the last two decades Russ has hosted hundreds of hiking tours and wine tastings for family, coworkers, and friends old and new. He’s pretty comfortable in the Great Outdoors and is always happy to share what he’s learned about the natural world and wine. In the summer of 2005, having discovered that people really love to combine an outdoor experience with tasting California’s finest wines, Russ melded his passions for hiking and wine-tasting  into a third passion, his website of guided wine country hiking tours, California Wine Hikes.

Russ reasons it this way: “an outdoor experience can be healthy fun for everyone – especially when there’s a tasty reward at the end of the trail!”

As the Wine Life Editor for PALATE PRESS: The Online Wine Magazine, Russ is always on the lookout for wine country settings and experiences that help people discover rich value in living the Wine Life.