Bill Deutsch - photo by Fred Minnick

Perspectives on Wine Blogging: Wine Importer Bill Deutsch

Bill Deutsch - photo by Fred Minnick

In anticipation of the upcoming 2012 Wine Bloggers’ Conference later this week the editors at Palate Press: The online wine magazine have gathered several different perspectives on wine bloggers. This week we will be running those perspectives, and taking a look at how wine bloggers are viewed by the rest of the world. After those of three Oregon winemakers, yesterday, we are now publishing those of Bill Deutsch, president and CEO of WJ Deutsch, an importer of wine and spirits whose portfolio includes important brands like Yellowtail.

Bloggers: how important are they really, anyway?

Bloggers are the gatekeepers to social media and some of the greatest influencers in our industry today.

What have been the positive and the negative sides of the emergence of wine blogging?

Wine blogging has been a wonderful attribute to our industry, allowing information to be sent out to consumers and trade insiders immediately. For instance, many of your peers who attended the Duboeuf dinner in Boston blogged about the event – it makes for interesting commentary.

How–and how much–has blogging changed since the early days?

Blogging is a relatively recent phenomenon and is constantly evolving. Today bloggers have more resources (including access to products & people) to write in-depth articles that greatly influence consumers. Bloggers have created solid reputations over the past few years and are now well-respected in the industry. In the past, companies solely focused on the opinions of large publications but now, companies want to hear what bloggers have to say because they are so influential. Bloggers opinions are definitely more valuable today than ever.

Does the distinction between blogger and writer really matter anymore?

Many writers are also bloggers, which allows for their articles to be seen on a larger platform.

What is the actual influence of bloggers on the wine industry and the wine market?

How much of an impact do they have on sales? Bloggers are very influential as it is their articles/blogs that contribute to the search results when a consumer goes online to look for a specific wine. If their reviews/comments are unfavorable, that has an impact on what the consumer might think and drink.

Anything that bloggers should be weary of/careful about?

The information that lives on the internet is quite permanent.

Which blogs do you read and why?

Although I don’t have a lot of time to do so, when I do have a chance to read my focus is on the trade blogs and websites such as Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, and The Tasting Panel. I receive a weekly topline of media clippings and it is always interested to see the many wine blogs featuring our brands.

If someone wants to start a blog, what is your advice to them?

Go for it!

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