Infinite Monkey Theorem, Carbonated Black Muscat

This peony pink-colored sparkling wine is definitely not produced in the traditional méthode Champenoise (what, no cans in Champagne?). The bubbles dissipate rather quickly after being poured into a wine glass. Best to drink this straight out of the can. Beautiful aromas of roses and grapefruit rise from the glass as I raise it to my mouth. The 6.8% residual sugar is noticeable as it passes my lips. If Jelly Belly had a black muscat flavor, this would be it. It tastes like a mix of canned lychees in syrup, grapefruit with brown sugar broiled on top and a bouquet of summery flowers. This wine in a can is sure to be a hit with the under-thirty crowd in Denver. If you like Red Bull and vodka, this wine will give you wings. Kyle Schlachter

Who : The Infinite Monkey Theorem
What : 100% Black Muscat
When : 2010
Where : Grand Valley, Colorado
How much : 7$, 250 mL