2008 Ceja Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

92This is a velvet blanket of a wine. Blackcurrant, black cherries, and pepper waft up from the glass. Mulberry pairs with  cranberry to offer the alpha and omega of Cabernet Sauvignon, rich black fruits for depth and fresh red fruits for tart brightness. Pepper, eucalyptus, and mint come through on the mid-palate, with echoes of vanilla, from well-balanced and careful use of wood, first show on the finish. Tannins are dusty, acids well balanced; together, they offer 6 years or more aging in the cellar, if you can wait that long. Drink with pan seared lamb chops and crisp brussels sprouts. Highly Recommended. 92.

WHO: Ceja Vineyards
WHAT: Cabernet Sauvignon
WHERE: California, Napa Valley
WHEN: 2008