Wild Cherries to Splash into Your Drink

Crisp and flavorful, the wild Amarena cherries in this jar are already infused with alcohol, fitting seamlessly into a cocktail – or any other dish that needs a spirited hint of sweetness and crunch.

This treat is from Tempus Fugit, the California-based company that specializes in rare, historically-inspired spirits, bitters, absinthe, aperitifs, etc. It seems whenever they’re looking around for the perfect ingredient for their next retro cocktail, they create it. Hence these 19th century-style cocktail cherries. In flavor and texture, a level above any other kind we’ve tried.

The wild cherries are native to Italy. They’re candied and preserved in Kirsch — a double-distilled sour cherry brandy – with a little natural gum Arabic added for texture.

Crunch and enjoy!


Tempus Fugit Cocktail Cherries  in two sizes: $12.99 or $19.99