We Have a Big Week In Store for You

This is going to be a very exciting week.  PALATE PRESS: The online wine magazine will be loaded with the sort of stories you will want to email to your friends and link at your website.

Our Monday Feature is so big it can not be contained in just one day. It’s an exlcusive guest article by Paul Mabray on VinTank‘s review of iPhone wine apps. VinTank’s wine-loving and tech-savvy experts test-drove 50 different wine apps, detailing the features and performance. A study of this scope is unprecedented, and incredibly useful for wine lovers who have iPhones but don’t have the time to check them all out. Now you don’t have to; and you read it here first.

On Tuesday, in addition to Part 2 of the iPhone app review, check out Eco-Chic Inspired by Bacchus, a story about reusing wine bottles artfully.

Wednesday will be another double header.  As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Thea Dwelle pens Think PINK in October! Joe Pollack will bring us a story about what local wine is all about…in Texas.

On Thursday, our Hot Potato zooms in on the slippery nature of “minerality” as it is expressed in wine. Evan Dawson thinks all the talk of pebbles and slate and whatnot may just be full of schist. And on our “+ Food” page, we’ll have a Cheapskate’s Guide to wine-food pairing.

Friday is our Soap Box day, the day we bring a commentary guaranteed to generate comments and conversation. This week we are pleased to introduce Erin McGrath, an LA-based blogger and wine bartender who has some tips from the other side of the counter.

If you came to see our story “Our Favorite Wine Stores,” please come back next Monday.  Through a technical glitch it got an accidental preview for a few hours this week, but we promise we will back on Monday with the whole thing, a list of all our favorite wine stores from around the country, and even a few from around the world.

Thank you for making PALATE PRESS: The online wine magazine such an instant success. And if you don’t want to miss a single story, be sure to subscribe by email or RSS feed.