There is a Sleep Awareness Week! Here are a Couple Ways to Catch Up

Not only are we in the midst of Sleep Awareness Week (March 10-16) with World Sleep Day right around the corner on March 15, but sleep tourism happens to be a growing trend for US travelers.  According to Skyscanner’s  2024 trend reports, sleep is at the top of the list for American travelers with:

  • Nearly 50% of US travelers are more conscious of their sleep health now and sleeping is the top activity on American travelers’ vacation agendas (24%), followed by cooking classes (23%) and hiking (22%).
  • 49% of travelers claim they sleep better while on vacation. However, 75% report not getting the recommended 7-8 hours of nightly sleep, and 44% are looking to sleep retreats as a solution in 2024.

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Restorative Sleep Studio + Hypnotherapy Wellness Package at Park Terrace Hotel | New York, NY  (Park Terrace Images here

This city may never sleep but guests at Park Terrace Hotel, located in Bryant Park and featuring sweeping views of Manhattan. will be able to courtesy of the hotel’s Restorative Sleep Studio and hypnotherapy amenities.

Park Terrace partnered with Bryte to create a distinctive sleep experience package showcasing Bryte’s AI-Powered Restorative Bed™. The Restorative Bed provides the ideal sleep experience by learning each individual sleeper’s needs and adjusting every aspect in real-time, throughout the night. The sensory network inside the Restorative Bed™ detects heart rate and breathing patterns to identify when the first sleep stage has begun. Then cooling features engage to lower the body’s core temperature gently, guiding you into the critical stages of deep sleep. 
Park Terrace Hotel is also offering guests access to *exclusive* hypnosis recordings from acclaimed Hypnotherapist Ginger Gibson for calm, confidence, and sleep. Guests can even opt for Park Terrace Hotel’s Hypnotherapy Wellness Package which allows them to choose from a 90-minute in-room or virtual Hypnotherapy session with acclaimed HMI Certified Hypnotherapist Ginger Gibson and leave feeling more confident and grounded. This package also includes an overnight stay, as well as 24/7 access to our state-of-the-art fitness center and sauna.

Sleep Under the Stars at Backland Luxury Camping | Williams, AZ

Backland Luxury Camping is a luxury eco resort that features ten luxury glamping tents with 75+ foot separation, 16′ wide panoramic windows that let guests take in the view from the comfort of their tent and huge glass skylights perfect to stargaze from the king size bed (skyview tents only). On a clear night Backland may have the most impressive night skies you have ever seen. Deep in the national forest, the resort is far removed from the light pollution of the city and has a telescope set up for guests to look at craters on the moon or even Saturn’s rings! All the lighting at Backland is dark sky compliant and fun fact: Neighboring Flagstaff is the first international dark sky city! A glass enclosed dining space and a wellness focused spa tent amongst other luxe amenities round out the resort that is spread across 160 acres of private land, at 7000′ elevation, surrounded on all sides by pristine National Forest and located only 20 minutes outside Williams, Arizona lending itself a nature lover’s paradise.

Moana at Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa | Maui, HI

Set atop Puu Kekaa (Black Rock), Sheraton Maui Resort’s coveted Moana Oceanfront guest rooms offer the most awe-inspiring seascapes in all of Kaanapali. Floating above the ocean like a majestic waa (canoe), Moana reinvigorates guests with a renewed connection to the ocean’s timeless rhythm making catching some zzz’s after catching waves all too easy. The best part of a good night’s sleep may just be rising to a new day. Moana’s oceanfront lawn offers complimentary yoga mats while taking in panoramic views while the resort also offers three yoga course levels – sunrise yoga, slow flow, and stretch & release.

Aleenta Hua Hin Pranburi | Thailand –

Programming: Rest – Ayurah Signature Retreat

Experience the unique ‘Rest’ program at Aleenta Hua Hin – a sanctuary that invites you to relax, rejuvenate, and sync with nature’s rhythm, creating a profound sense of tranquility. Nestled in a serene seaside village, Aleenta offers an idyllic setting with minimal traffic and a tranquil resort atmosphere. ‘Rest’ allows you to harmonise with your circadian rhythm, embracing the beauty of sunrise and savouring early dinners. Weather permitting, select villas offer ‘The Rest’—an extraordinary outdoor bed experience under the gorgeous Thai night skies. ‘Rest’ isn’t about idleness; it’s about engaging in deeply rewarding activities.

About: Located on the picturesque Pak Nam Pran bay, its beach is a mecca for kite surfing enthusiasts from around the world, the Aleenta Hua Hin – Pranburi suites and beachfront villas are always within steps from the beach, with a stunning view of the gulf of Thailand, most with private pool.  This is a tropical paradise surrounded by sand, sea and swaying palms. Aleenta Resort and Spa’s 23 suites are in a superb collection of villas, some with pretty thatched roofs and others with a rooftop deck. Pool Suites have their own private plunge pools while Ocean View Suites are just steps from the sea. There is no TV at Aleenta Pranburi, but plenty of stars to gaze upon at night and other activities for guests to enjoy.  Highlights include a visit to its organic farm and chicken coop for fresh free-range eggs, a farmers’ market that opens daily, a famous bakery that opens until noon, and a beach cafe that begs you to linger all afternoon. Wake up to the sunrise and take a bicycle out on a cycling track that runs on the coast then return to give alms to local monks that walk by the resort every morning at 7am.