Introducing “Ask Palate Press”

Regular readers might have noticed a new box in the sidebar. It looks like this:

We regularly receive emails from readers asking a wide variety of questions, from “where can I get the wine you just reviewed” to “what wine goes with the deer by brother-in-law killed and insists on serving with Christmas dinner?” Here at Palate Press we have a wide network of Editors, Contributing Editors, and Contributors who are wine journalists, winemakers, sommeliers, wine sellers, wine educators, and more. So ask you us your question. Use the form on the sidebar. We will publish the answers on Fridays in this space.

It’s just one way we have of saying “thank you” to our readers, and making Palate Press: The online wine magazine the most useful and user-friendly wine magazine in print or on line.

David Honig
Palate Press: The online wine magazine