Blackadder “A Drop of the Irish” Single Malt Irish Whiskey

This special release from Blackadder Independent Bottlers came from just one cask and yielded a mere 132 bottles. Reviews for the higher-alcohol Cask Strength describe an unbalanced quaff with a powerful alcohol bite. But this bottling shows the benefit of reserve and balance.

The color is pale straw, a rare whiskey not enhanced with caramel coloring. Bananas, ripe pear, and hints of charcoal come through on the nose. The palate shows banana, poached pear, and vanilla. A drop of water expands the flavor and aroma profiles, adding honey, marshmallow and spices. Alcohol is present, but nibbles, rather than bites. Flavors linger for minutes afterward.

This is a very nice sipping whiskey, one thatis several steps up from the St. Patrick’s Day shots from the local Irish pub.

WHO: Blackadder
WHAT: Single Malt Irish Whiskey
DESIGNATION: “A Drop of the Irish”
WHERE: Ireland
ABV: 46%