Wine 64

Troon Vineyards “M&T Reserve”

2014 Troon Black Label M*T, Applegate Valley

WHO: Troon Vineyards
WHAT: Malbec, Tannat
WHERE: Oregon, Southern Oregon
WHEN: 2014

94 points, BevX: I love having my palate challenged and as this was my first USA-made Malbec and Tannat blend I was ready for the task. From the very first nosing to the last sip I am convinced that these two grapes are made for each other. The fruit profiles and certainly the secondary flavors of these grapes are quite different but clearly very compatible. While the blend is tilted slightly in favor of Malbec (57.67% to 44.33%) it’s the Tannat that leads this dance. I’m not sure that this will become the new hot blend and perhaps the great pairing is unique to Troon and Southern Oregon. Nevertheless, I hope that they continue to make this great wine. 94 points out of 100.