Wine 113

Domaine Debray Saint-Aubin Les Pucelles

WHO: Domaine Debray
WHAT: Chardonnay
WHERE: Saint-Aubin, Côte de Beaune, Burgundy, France
WHEN: 2009
HOW MUCH: $21.00

91 points, Palate Press (DBH): An acid and mineral spike coated in soft wood, driven straight through the palate into the brain. Great fruit hangs from the spike, Meyer lemon and pear are followed by light toast and a hint of butterscotch. All the fruit and wood, though, is wrapped tightly around limestone and acid. When first opened it was tight as a drum, all acid and tartness, but after a few hours the flavors and aromas broke free. Give it air or time in the cellar. Highly recommended.